A new association is born

A chance meeting during a concert of Armenian music on the Place d’Armes in Luxembourg in October 2020 led to the creation of a small network which in the meantime became the “Association Luxembourg-Armenia a.s.b.l.”.

Among the objects of the association, the third of the list is particularly important to us: to bring humanitarian aid to Armenia, a country which has not fully recovered from the aftermath of the earthquake in 1988, and for which the balance sheet of the war in Nagorno-Karabakh is extremely heavy.

The objectives of the association are :

  • to promote development in the fields of teaching, education, health and cultural and sporting exchanges between Luxembourg and Armenia;
  • to encourage and promote intellectual exchanges between the Universities of Armenia and Luxembourg and all other institutions of a scientific, research and academic nature;
  • to provide assistance to individuals and groups of people disadvantaged as a result of natural disasters and war events in the Caucasus region, in particular through the provision of funds, clothing, medicines, medical devices and prostheses;
  • to collaborate with organizations and individuals pursuing similar goals as well as with the authorities of both countries; to this end, to participate in development projects in the Republic of Armenia with a social or educational purpose;
  • to promote the development of tourism and trade between the two countries;
  • to collect and manage funds and acquire movable and immovable property useful for the activity of the Association.

Articles of the association

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